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Let’s GO on a Poké road trip!

Category: News, Date: 16 August 2016


The hunt for wild Pokémon is bringing millions out of their lounge rooms and into the great outdoors in search of the rarest pocket monsters around. And Pokémon GO was a favourite school holiday activity both at home and out camping this month!

Pokémon GO, which was released on 6 July, is already taking the world by storm and is attracting players of all ages, races and sex. Even though it’s a video game on your mobile phone, it actually encourages physical activity and stimulates the imagination in a way we’ve never seen before. This leap forward in augmented reality technology means that the wider you travel, the more Pokémon you can catch. That’s why it’s time to plan a Poké road trip for your next caravanning or camping holiday!

Why Poke Camping is a Thing

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The Pokémon master who is travelling the world to catch ‘em all!

Nick Johnson from New York has caught all 142 Pokémon available in the US and is about to set off on a sponsored global expedition to catch a few rare regional monsters. One of those happens to be right here in Australia, so if you have Poké master aspirations you’ll want to keep a look out for Kangaskhan!

Nick said he has walked an average of 12.5 kilometres per day since Pokémon Go came out. “I feel great,” he told USA Today. “I was getting a lot of rest and exercise and meeting new people. I’m a lot healthier —  I think I lost about 8-10 pounds.”

He also loves that people from all ages and walks are going crazy for the new game. “It goes across generations, different personality types, students, people with full time jobs, people who are retired who are playing the game. It’s sort of cross-generational and an amazing thing,” he said.

So what is Nick’s best tip? He says that when you’re trying to hatch eggs, walk in a straight line. A lot of people walk in circles thinking their eggs will hatch quickly but the game doesn’t count your steps like a Fitbit does. Instead, it periodically takes your location, and then draws a straight line to your previously measured location and calculates that straight-line distance. So if you want to hatch your eggs quickly, you’ll need to get out and cover some ground. The solution? A Poké road trip!

Lucky for you, Finder has compiled lists of key Pokémon sightings around Australia. From Cairns to Canberra, find out where to look in your local area for your favourite Pokémon.

Check out Finder’s Aussie Pokémon GO locations

And if it takes you on a family road trip, find out where to stay with the Let’s Go Caravan and Camping park finder.

Find a great Caravan Holiday Park for your Poke road trip 


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