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Category: News, Date: 2 August 2016

Rollingstone Beach and Airlie Beach

It’s the start of the return trip home. We have turned south and only given ourselves three weeks to return home, a distance that took us 10 weeks initially! It is a slight rush and a few bigger days on the road but we can’t complain as we’ve had an awesome time.

We left Cairns and stopped in at Rollingstone Beach, somewhere Johnny had wanted to visit on our way up. We took to Wiki Camp and found Rollingstone Beach Caravan Resort.  Why didn’t we have more than one night at this funky and big park?  It was great to be back on the beaches again the best bit about this park was the funkiest shipping container café and bar. Cool tunes, cold beer, nice lady drinks and just a super great atmosphere.  This place has been dog eared for our next trip with a note to stay much longer.


The kids are going pretty well in the car, yet the most common argument is “No Elkie, not Frozen again….” We had agreed from the start of this trip, that the only electric device they were to have as entertainment was the shared DVD player, having said that, we have folded a few times and handed them John’s I-pad for 15 minute turns.

As for me and Johnny, there were a few snappy moments this week, perhaps the lengthy car trips and a van full of kids is beginning to feel rather smothering.  Also this week, our difference in parenting style has been highlighted.   John is naturally a lot firmer on the children than me and I naturally say yes before I even think things through.  At home it’s easier to question one another’s responses in private but that is not as easy on the road with little ears everywhere. The clever little guys even started playing us off against each other but we are good now.


It was sad to leave Rollingstone Beach after such a quick stop but we have to keep pressing south for our next destination and stay at Airlie Beach!  This time we were welcomed with much better weather which made adventuring a lot more fun and easier. The boys enjoyed a lengthy bike ride around the marinas and explored the nearby beaches. While Elk and I enjoyed some girl time, kicking back at our sensational park.


Now I do owe an apology to John. Before this trip, I couldn’t understand why he researched caravan parks so thourghly.  I would often say, ‘let’s just go to the first one we see’ or ‘let’s just go to all Big 4’’s. Now I can totally understand why he put hours into researching the caravan holiday parks and the options best suited to our needs. As we travelled we discovered that there is a range of parks and amenities available for all travellers and budgets, some caravanners only need a caravan park to park their van without the extras and others want a park that has all the bells n whistles that are loaded with children’s activities. Sometimes we forget to explore the towns we’re visiting due to the range of activities the parks have to offer,  Airlie Adventure Whitsundays Resort is one of those parks, hence our return visit.  We didn’t make pancake morning but we did make the craft options for the littles and feeding the farm animals, plus enjoyed the 28 degrees pool with waterslides, mini golf and playgrounds.

Another big day in the car coming up – Next Stop Maroochydore.

Love Kye

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