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Junior Explorers Become Television Stars

Category: News, Date: 3 October 2018

So, Studio 10’s filming with the Real Life Classroom has begun! Exciting times and adventures lay ahead as we continue to explore the wonders of Central Australia.

We are back at BIG4 MacDonnell Range and we got the chance to explore the park on the awesome pedal cars and got to experience the high glamour world that is behind the scenes of show business! After a fortnight of exploring at will, we are now at the beck and call of the awesome crew of Studio 10 roving reporters as we get an inside look at some of the region’s most popular spots, which keeps us busy and excited.


Day one of filming saw us doing a couple of ‘live feeds’ across to the studio in Sydney from the caravan park, together with a crowd of enthusiastic kids from the pool and then from the star-gazing field. Robbo was a little loose lipped so Lyla thought it would be a good idea to make a swear jar for him. The jar is quickly filling up, so it looks like it’ll be Robbo’s shout for ice creams for all each day this week!

It’s all go go go and we were whisked off to a nearby dirt patch to continue filming the story of our adventure, led by the enthusiastic Robbo and the team behind the scenes; Timmy, Luke, Bebe and Maddy.

Anzac Hill was the next stop. What a wonderful reminder of what the incredible men and women of this country and New Zealand sacrificed for us. What a hugely important aspect of history to remember and always be eternally grateful for. The view from up there was stunning. You could see as far as the East meets the West.

From the hill, we ventured on to the Historic Telegraph station which is a fantastically presented and preserved historical site. We learned morse code and had a great time using the machines an sending each other messages. Getting to not only just look at the old equipment, but also being allowed to get handspon made the learning experience so much more fun!

An added bonus of the trip is getting to share this leg of the adventure with the White family. The kids are all getting along really well and making the experience even bore enjoyable.

We are still flipping rocks over and looking into cracks and crevices and climbing trees in the continued hunt for reptile life but to no avail… but the hunt will continue!

The birdlife in the area is very interesting, especially the crested pigeon whom are ever present in the caravan park. The males are regularly seen spreading out their feathers with an impressive display as they trail behind the females, hoping to get their attention.

So although the region sometimes appears to be void of life at times, if you look hard enough, there is always some signs to be seen.

This evening brings us out to Parrtjima- a Festival In Light, where the filming resumes and the learning continues. Looking forward to all that the week has in store!

The Bradley Family

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