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Hit the Road with the NEW Universal Energy Selection 3-Way Refrigerator

Category: News, Date: 26 October 2015

Dometic Australia has released the newest in their range of mobile absorption refrigeration with the 95 litre RM 2356 three-way upright refrigerators using the latest in Dometic technology.

The RM 2356 is ideal for caravans, motorhomes and campers that require a compact upright absorption fridge with a large internal capacity of 95 litres with a three cubic foot cut out.

On top of the compact design, the RM 2356 is super convenient with the ability to run off three power supplies by using the new Universal Energy Selection (UES) control system.

Dometic’s superior absorption technology is completely silent allowing the traveller to sleep in peace when taking their RM 2356 on the road.

“Since being invented in 1922, Dometic pioneered the absorption technology to produce refrigeration systems without any moving machinery parts so they were silent and vibration free,” said Andreas Bischof, Managing Director, Dometic Australia.

“Our latest fridge RM 2356 uses the latest in Dometic technology, allows complete flexibility when on the road with three-way power usage and is also completely user-friendly, with many great features.”

The UES control system allows a greater internal capacity of the RM 2356 and still fits in a three cubic foot installation cut out so this fridge is perfect for stocking up on more food and drinks on your trip without sacrificing space.




  • New patented UES (Universal Energy Selection) control system
  • Switchable to either MES or AES function
  • Upgrade your vehicle to AES later, then just reset the control to suit AES
  • User friendly control panel featuring LED indicator lights
  • Same cut out size as most 3 cubic foot models but 10% bigger inside
  • T-rated performance
  • Universal LP Gas compatible
  • Easy changing of the door from left to right with the included hinge kit
  • Easy access to internal freezer compartment
  • Quick and easy removal of shelves
  • Generous door and wall insulation for greater performance
  • Self-draining drip tray
  • Lower door shelf has anti-bottle fingers
  • Easy to clean white interior
  • Stylish external black trim
  • Change the door face to suit the décor without removing the door

For further information about this product, Dometic retailers or the extensive range of Dometic products available, visit www.dometic.com.au or free call on 1800 21 21 21.



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