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Happy Campers:  A Guide to Perfect Camping and Caravan Park Etiquette 

Category: News, Safety, Date: 21 April 2024

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Camping can be a relaxing escape, an outdoor adventure and a great way to reconnect with friends and family. It offers something for everyone! Which is why it can be such a shame when some campers are not the most respectful camping neighbours they can be. There are certain written and unwritten rules that everyone should know when camping or staying at a caravan park. So, in this article we go through some of the most important rules of caravan park etiquette, to ensure every camper can have the best experience possible! 

Respect Check-in/Check-out Times  

We all know how exciting it can be to set off on a camping trip and sometimes, we just can’t wait to get to our destination quick enough! However, it’s important to respect your check-in time at the caravan park you’ve booked. If you know you’re going to arrive early, reach out to the park in advance and let them know – but respect that there may be nothing they can do to accommodate your request. In the same breath, if you know you’re going to be arriving very late, and well past check-time, make sure you let them know and arrange to collect your site number and any important check-in details in advance.  

The same goes for checking out. Yes, it can take a while to get everything packed up again and ready to go – especially if you’ve got kids – but check-out times are set for a reason. If you require a later check-out, good caravan park etiquette is to request it in advance and once again be understanding if the park cannot accommodate this, especially during busy periods.

Noise Control 

Camping trips are great for evening card games, or a few friendly beverages around the campfire with friends and family, however good caravan park etiquette means respecting quiet time and noise rules. Disturbing your neighbours and impacting their enjoyment is not very camp friendly! If you’re going in a group or you’ve got loud children, try book a site that is more private or further away from other campers. Everyone wants to have the best camping experience they can! 

In the same breath, if you use a generator while you’re camping, be mindful that it may disturb your neighbours. Use it sparingly and only during appropriate hours.

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Stick To Your Plot and Respect Your Neighbor’s Space 

Your site space in a caravan park is often limited and everyone wants to enjoy and make the most of their own! Keep all your camping equipment and belongings to your own plot and you can expect your neighbours to do the same. The same goes for walking and moving around the caravan park – be respectful and don’t walk through another camper’s site and hopefully they’ll treat you the same!

Keep Your Campsite Clean

One of the most annoying camping behaviours, according to RAC’s Caravan and Camping Survey, is messy holidaymakers. No one wants to be camping in dirty environments and using messy or unclean facilities – in fact 92% of campers say it is very inconsiderate! Keep your own campsite clean and free from rubbish and be respectful of communal areas and facilities. This means mopping out the shower after you use it, cleaning the BBQ after cooking and taking care of your own messes!

Another thing to remember is to follow the caravan park’s rules around disposing of rubbish. Most caravan parks will recycle and have dedicated signs to indicate where you should put your rubbish. It’s not too hard to follow the rules and it means a more pleasant camping experience for everyone. 

Keep your campsite cleam - good caravan park etiquette
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Be Respectable of the Nature and Wildlife Around You 

A term often used in relation to camping is ‘Leave no Trace’. This means minimising your impact on the natural environment around you and respecting the wildlife who were there before you and will be there after you’re gone. It’s a good idea when camping in new areas to research beforehand about any native wildlife or important guidelines for visiting. Caravan parks will often have signage or display information at reception and around the park for this, so keep an eye out! 

Keep An Eye on Your Kids 

Camping is a brilliant experience for children and families and caravan parks are often great, family-friendly places for kids to run about and play. However, not everyone will appreciate kids running free unsupervised and in some situations, if the park is close to a main road for example, it may not be safe! As a result, it’s good caravan park etiquette to take responsibility for your kiddies and keep an eye on them. This ensures they’re safe and that no one else’s experience is being negatively impacted.

Look After Your Pets!  

It’s great that pet-friendly camping sites mean you can bring your furry friends on your holiday, but it’s important to remember to look after them while you’re there. Your dog should be kept on a lead at all times, unless in a off-lead zone and you’re responsible for making sure they don’t run up to other campers, into their sites or up to other dogs. Not every person or animal is dog-friendly, so it’s best to keep your friend around you!

Another important reminder? Pick up after your pet! It is no-one else’s responsibility but your own and not being prepared is no excuse.

Keeping an eye on your kids is good caravan park etiquette
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Familiarize Yourself with Park Rules 

Above all else when you go to stay at a caravan park, it’s important to familiarise yourself with each individual park’s rules. While all tips for proper caravan park etiquette I have mentioned above will apply to nearly every camping experience, each park will have its own guidelines to keep campers happy and safe! The more you stick to the basic rules of being a good camping neighbour, the better the experience for everyone! 

Safe travels and happy camping! 

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