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Caravan Industry Featured on Studio 10

Category: News, Date: 3 October 2018

This week we are coming to you live from Alice Springs, where Studio 10 have joined the two lucky families for a series of segments on the Real-Life Classroom initiative.

Over the past few weeks, the Bradley family and the White family have been making the most of their ‘real life classroom’ experience through an amazing caravan and camping trip around the Outback and the Red Centre.

The first few days with the Studio 10 crew were jam packed!

Filming with Studio 10

Both families arrived in Alice Springs where they were joined by Robbo and the crew. Together, they explored BIG4 Macdonnell Range with the film crew- of course Robbo had to test the peddle karts, water slide and jumping pillows, so the kids were happy to show him around!

The day finished off with a beautiful sunset which brought all the families, TV crew and organisers together to enjoy the view and taking some great photographs.

On Monday, everybody got up and ready for a live cross from the pool! They then went to Anzac Hill to utilise the fantastic Ted’s Cameras prize packs and do some photography. The kids enjoyed exploring the Old Telegraph station, learning about the history of the area and how the communities lived when the area was first settled.

Later on, the group visited part of the Parrtjima festival at Todd Mall to check out the caterpillar lights and joined in on a recycled weaving workshop run by festival creative curator Rhoda Roberts.

Tuesday was off to an exciting start with a cook-off between the two families at the camp kitchen! The two families are having an absolute ball getting to know one another and spending time together exploring central Australia in their Apollo motorhomes. The children are learning so much about the history of the area, life in the Outback and the natural environment, which is vastly different from their homes in Victoria and the Gold Coast!

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