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Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 3 May 2022

Eager to plan your caravan and camping trip but have no idea where to start?

Luckily for you, the rise of the internet can provide a quick solution to that problem.

We listed our favourite caravan and camping influencers currently visiting Western Australia this May to help boost your off-peak inspo.


@nature_camping_kids_ on Instagram is a great account with influencer Natalie travelling in her 1968 Chesney Van around the WA.

See through their eyes as they travel and explore around this unique state.

If your feeling lack-luster with your travel inspo, this account will surely perk you up.

Check out their account here.


Another great travel account, @79waysround follows Steph and Matt who are travelling around WA in a 79 series Landcruiser.

Currently visiting Shark Bay in WA, these influencers have also visited the Stirling Rangers, Wylie Bay and Alexander Bay.

If you’re planning a coastal trip, this duo is one you have to check out immediately.

See their account here.


For a greater scope of the WA landscape, take a look at @aharrisholiday on Instagram.

A visual travel diary following the Harris family of 4: Bill, Steph, Heidi and Stella.

@aharrisholiday has produced some of the most visually appealing images of the great WA this month- one of our favourites is the photo taken of the Pink Lake.

To see more, check out their account here.


For some family-friendly content, give @outandaboutaustralia a go.

Follow Georgie and Ben with their two boys and their beloved pet- Kewpie the Kelpie as they travel around the great state.

Beware: their constellation pics will infect you with a serious travel bug.

See their account here.

To keep up with your favourite influencers, check out our account here.

Or better yet, see our inspo page here.

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