Best outback tracks while regional camping in Queensland

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 19 May 2022

With the rising popularity of 4WD camping, outback tracks have never been more sought out.

In light of this, we decided to list all of our favorite top spots in the beautiful state of Queensland.

See them here:

Birdsville Track

This is a pretty notable mention, the Birdsville Track is notorious for it’s long stretch of terrain (517km to be exact!).

You can choose to travel along the long stretch of road or move toward the rougher, true outback terrain that’ll absolutely get the blood pumping.

And if you travel long enough, you might actually find yourself in South Australia..

This is a tough, very remote track- so it’s important to come super prepared for anything.

Wilderness Way, Tambo

Another long stetcher is the Wilderness Way track in Tambo.

A 320km route, it’ll take you a few days to get all the way along.

Drive through an area of true, rugged beauty for a bunch of fun adventures (all with varying difficulties).

You can see more information here.

Barcaldine to Jericho Via Narbethong Road

Approximately 130km long, the Barcaldine to Jericho stretch is another remote track perfect for 4WD experts.

With a track that’s a combination of bitumen and dirt road, you’ll definitely be throwing up some dust.

Check out Barcaldine Tourism’s website on how to get there, here.

Overlanders Way Track

This is one for the dedicated drivers.

Commute all the way from Townsville to Mt Isa on the Overlanders Way Track.

We recommend checking out the fossils while you’re there!

You can check out more info here.

For more camping and caravanning info, you can check out our site here.

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