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Best hiking spots in Vic

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 27 April 2022

VIC: Hiking is a great activity that is extremely cost effective and for being social. That’s why we decided to list our favourite hiking and walking spots in the education state.

Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk

Bushlands meet water on the Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk.

This 2hr round trip gets you up nice and high for an impressive view of the river.

It’s not too far from Melbourne either, for those wanting to get out of the city.

Halls Gap to The Pinnacle Loop

Hate sticking to a routine? No stress, Halls Gap to The Pinnacle Loop has 157 different trails.

Hiking, bike trails, running trails- there’s something for everybody here.

The astonishing cliff faces leave nothing to be desired with some of the worlds best panoramic views.

Yarra Bend Park Loop

For a true rustic feel, check out the Yarra Bend Park Loop.

You get to cross an old rickety bridge and walk through dense bush all while following a river.

It’s exactly like an old Aussie country movie, what’s not to love?

Masons Falls and Mount Sugarloaf Circuit

The name speaks for itself, really.

Trek along the dirt road and find yourself looking at the beautiful Masons Falls.

Take a look around all the small caves and the trickling water down the rocky walls.

Cape Woolamai Walk

Dally along the high clifftops of Phillip Island for a change of scenery.

Check out the boulders lingering in the sea or feel the salty breeze as you walk along.

We recommend going at sunset to get the best true Vic views possible.

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