Best fishing spots around the nation

Category: Inspiration, Date: 17 March 2022

Fishing is a great way to relax and an excellent activity to undertake while camping.

In an attempt to get more people to give fishing a go, we’ve listed the best spots to get you started.


A little fishing town located on Tassie’s west coast is the perfect place to get you into relax mode.

This harbour-side village is filled with history and surrounded by dense, thick forest- perfect to get away from all the hustle and bustle.

For some extra activities, you can cruise along the river and get a glimpse of the Franklin–Gordon Wild Rivers National Park’s beauty.


Port Douglas is an excellent place to visit for the ultimate fishing trip. Located a short drive from Cairns, it’s ideal for a long weekend away.

You can pick from the gorgeous coast or the phenomenal lakes by the Daintree Forest to camp down and de-stress.

Northern Territory

Groote Eylandt is one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

It’s beautiful, white sandy coastline is the perfect spot to calm your mind. The small, coastal town is a perfect way to hit the reset button and unwind.

New South Wales

Eden, located in southern NSW, is a coastal town with some of the steepest natural harbours in the southern hemisphere.

Fishers will get to completely zone out with gorgeous views that are unrivalled.

Western Australia

Western Australia holds hundreds of amazing fishing locations close, but little comes close to fishing town Exmouth.

It’s shallow shores offer some of the clearest waters in the country, perfect for a fishing trip.

Exmouth’s distinct orange ground to coast provides stunning views and an excellent vacation away from the city lights.

South Australia

Coffin Bay is a great location for Adelaide residents (Or South Australian’s in general) to get away from the city.

This is also a great stop for those doing the All Around Aus trip and wanting to make a stop off the trail.


Lake’s Entrance is an extremely popular Victorian fishing spot, and we can understand why.

It’s a picture perfect image of a camping trip. Vision pitching your line on the pier facing out to the great unknown.

Not only that, but there’s multiple things to do in the nearby town and it’s only a short drive from Melbourne.


A trip to the Cotter River is a great way to escape the noise of Canberra.

Pitch up a line and chill out while staring out into the endless bushlands and watch the gorgeous wildlife.

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Tell us your favourite fishing spot in the comments below.

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