Best cycling spots in NT while camping

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 13 May 2022

Cycling is a popular form of exercise in Australia- especially the Northern Territory where the warmer climates make easy for a peddle.

NT has been blessed with several great cycling tracks all around the territory.

Take a look through our list of the best cycling trails in the NT.

Charles Darwin National Park trails

This is a great spot for people living in Darwin.

With several different trails, scenic views and expanding paths- it’s hard to beat this spot.

Casuarina Coastal Reserve trails

This coastal spot brings a change to the rustic nature of the NT.

With a jungle-like path and leafy views- this is a great spot to go for a peddle.

Howard Springs New Pine Forest

A great spot for beginners, the Howard Springs New Pine Forest has some stunning visuals.

Weave through trees on the red soil for a fun day out.

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