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Affordable, Healthy Stocking Stuffers

Category: News, Date: 3 December 2013

The countdown to Christmas is on! But before you are overcome by the frenzied panic of the silly season, here are a few ideas for healthy stocking stuffers that are sure to keep the kids happy and healthy.

Balls, Frisbees, skipping ropes: An oldie but a goodie. For just a few dollars, these family favourites are a great Christmas gift for anyone. What’s more, having a brand new ball or Frisbee to try out encourages kids both big and small to get outdoors for a fun filled afternoon that will help work off all that Christmas pudding.

Water guns, water bombs, sprinklers: It just wouldn’t be an Aussie Christmas if there wasn’t a sweltering heat so what better way to cool down, have fun and be active than a good old fashioned water fight or run in the sprinkler.

SPF 30+ lip balms and zincs: Of course if you are going to enjoy the beautiful outdoors this Christmas it is extremely important that you are sun smart. SPF lip balms and zincs make a great stocking stuffer that will remind and encourage kids (and adults) to protect their skin before heading outdoors for fun. You can get a range of fun coloured zincs and flavoured lip balms (be sure they are SPF 30+) to complement the rest of your sun smart regiment.

Glow Sticks and bands: The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down during the silly season so top off the Christmas stocking with a few glow sticks or bands to keep the party going after dark. Glow sticks and bands are another way to keep the kids out of trouble and active. Try using them in an after dark version of hide and seek or in a treasure hunt.

Packet cakes: Ok, so probably not a healthy stocking stuffer in the traditional sense but packet cakes are simple, quick and tasty which is ideal for encouraging children to get in the kitchen and get cooking. Developing cooking skills, and better still a joy for cooking, will carry with children throughout life and underpins a healthy diet.

Seeds, pots and garden tool: Not only will some seeds, pots and gardening tools set the kids up for a gardening project to keep them busy over the Christmas holidays, but getting kids to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs encourages them to eat the healthy produce they have grown. Opt for things that are easy and fast growing like tomatoes and radishes, herbs like mint which makes a delicious addition to a festive fruit salad or punch, or sprouts which take only a few days and can be grown in a jar on the windowsill.

CDs, iTunes vouchers: Last but not least, music makes a great addition to the Christmas stocking and of course music means dancing, which is good for the heart, health and soul.

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