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How to Caravan in a Convoy

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Caravanning in a group can be lots of fun – but it can also be challenging if you’re not well organised. Here are some tips on how to caravan in a convoy.

Whether it’s with family, friends or a social club, caravanning in groups is an entertaining way to travel. It keeps things interesting with lots of different people to interact with during rest stops and can also be a way to discover routes you might not have known about. But it also has its challenges, so keep in mind these tips for helping things go smoothly:

Choose a leader: This can change for different legs of the trip, but it’s always good to have one go-to person who can communicate the route, stopovers and check in with everyone while they’re on the road. If you are travelling in convoy, it’s the leaders responsibility to make sure no-one is left behind.

Compromise: When you’re in a big group, you’re catering to a lot of different tastes, so everyone might not agree where to go/what to do. Before the trip begins, have everyone contribute their ideas and preferences and try to plan an itinerary that offers something for everyone.

Set regular meeting points: Factors such as traffic, weather and mechanical difficulties can result in groups splitting up along the way, so be sure to schedule regular meeting stops where everyone gathers before heading back out on the road. That way, if anyone encounters difficulty, the rest of the group won’t be too far ahead.

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