3 Reminders to Keep Children Safe While Camping

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Camping and caravanning with children can be quite different than camping as a couple or group of adults. It can be just as fun, but there are a few added precautions to keep the whole family out of trouble! Here are 3 reminders to keep children safe while camping.

Remind them about water safety

Most Australian children can swim by a young age, but it’s very important that you teach your children to never go into water without an adult present.

keep children safe while camping Cairns lagoon
Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

Here’s a video about pool safety, which is very important for children of all ages!

Remind them to wear a proper helmet

This one’s fairly obvious, but help protect your child’s head!

If they’re a bit older and doing more intense sports such as mountain biking, consider investing in a tougher helmet.

keep children safe while camping mountain biking
Photo Credit: Tourism Tasmania

Remind them to check in

As soon as your children are old enough to go off with their siblings or in a group, make sure they check in. This maybe be different based on their age, confidence, or street savviness, but make sure it’s a frequency that’s safest for your child and keeps you from worrying.

keep children safe while camping swimming pool
Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

Keeping Children Safe

We hope these tips help in your efforts to keep children safe while camping. Although everyone at the caravan park should be watching out for them, it’s your responsibility to teach them good habits to lessen risk.

Find more safety tips on our website.

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