Meet The 2022 Road to a Million Competition winner!

Meet Amy, an avid camper and lover of the outdoors with the winning vote coming down to their stay at Borumba Deer Park!

Road to a Million competition winner
Amy Merlehan with husband Peter and two daughters.

Since moving to Australia 13 years ago with her husband, Peter, Amy has fallen completely in love with camping.

“We got into it a few years ago and just totally fell in love with it. We try to go once a month, we’re huge caravan and campers,” she said.

“It’s just really relaxing and we love being in the outdoors.”

Amy had the chance to win a million dollars!

Amy says she finds camping great for clearing the mind and is beneficial for her two young girls to have the freedom to roam around.

“I love getting to spend quality time together, no devices around and you have time to go off on adventures and experiences together. Just sitting around the campfire and having a chat and eating dinner is what we enjoy,” she said.

When asked about winning the competition, she said some of her friends were so excited they couldn’t sleep.

“I had actually only told a couple of people, I told a few friends to tune into Sunrise and to see what happens!

“The two people I did tell were Peter and his sister who were totally ecstatic, they just couldn’t believe someone they knew had been picked! My sister-in-law wasn’t able to sleep!”

Check out Channel 7’s Sunrise where Amy was presented with her chance to win big!