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Brisbane to Noosa Weekend Getaway

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If you find yourself wanting to make the most of the sunshine, pack the city in your back pocket for the weekend and head up to Noosa. This is an iconic location known for its beaches and national parks. The drive from Brisbane to Noosa is only a short 2 hours up the highway and beyond the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

On your way up to Noosa, consider stopping at the spectacular Glass House Mountains to stretch your legs for a while and catch an unbeatable view of the Sunshine Coast. Or perhaps a visit to Australia Zoo to visit the Irwin’s and their amazing furry and scaly friends!

Brisbane to Noosa Glass House Mountains
Glasshouse Mountains. Image: Tourism Australia
Australia Zoo. Image: Tourism Australia

In Noosa, hike through the national park, famous for its coastline view, surf, and koalas in the treetops. You can walk a few kilometers and catch an amazing view, or experience the whole 5.4km walk and visit the fairy pools. Be sure to keep an eye out for dolphins and whales!

If you’re staying the weekend, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Noosa everglades, one of only two everglades systems on Earth. Listen to the native birds and catch a kayak through the 60km of pristine water or take a guided boat tour. Be sure to pack a picnic for a stop along the river bank for lunch. Finish the day off with an overnight stay at the Noosa River Holiday Park.

Brisbane to Noosa Everglades
Noosa Everglades. Image: Tourism Australia

Brisbane to Noosa is an easy weekend trip for couples or families. Enjoy the sunshine! To find places to camp, visit our website.

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