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5 Ways to Start Camping Responsibly

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Australia is a beautiful country and it is important for all tourists and travellers to do our part in helping to take care of it. Camping responsibly is about being aware of how you can help keep our beautiful country a safe and clean place to visit for everyone, for generations to come.

You might be wondering how responsible camping can happen while engaging in camping or caravanning holidays. Below are 5 ways to start camping responsibly on your next trip.

1. Recycle and Sort

It is a good idea while caravanning/camping to collect your rubbish and sort it into plastics, papers, cans and bottles. When returning home (or at the caravan holiday park!) you can then ensure that it gets placed in the correct bins and is recycled properly. Also reduce plastic packaging where possible. Visiting local grocery markets is a great responsible option because not only are you buying the freshest produce that is likely not packaged in plastics, but you would also be contributing to the local economy!

2. Shop Local

Many economies (particularly in regional areas) largely depend on the expenditure of tourists to survive and campers and caravanners can be a great source of income into local businesses. Therefore, wherever your chosen destination to go adventuring in your caravan be sure to contribute to the local economy through buying local produce, going to locally owned cafes and restaurants, and most importantly making the decision to stay at caravan holiday parks.

Jan Power Farmers Markets. Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

3. Consider Solar

If you’re going on a longer trip, consider purchasing solar panels. Some campers choose to install solar panels on top of their vehicles for maximum sun exposure and the ability to charge while driving.

Solar panels don’t have to be large and clunky. A portable, folding panel is perfect for recharging while you’re in camp. If you don’t want to invest the money or space for a large panel, consider a small panel that can charge your smartphone or other device.

4. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Having an understanding of the effects your carbon footprint is having on climate change is important if you want to take the first steps in becoming a more responsible tourist. The prospect of reducing your carbon footprint might seem daunting, but there are simple things we can all do to make a difference. A few ways in which you can reduce your footprint while on a caravan and camping trip are as follows:

  • Reduce the weight of your van wherever possible to decrease the amount of fuel you burn off.
  • Maintain the correct tyre pressure, since for every half-bar under the recommended inflation you should expect a 5% increase in fuel consumption.
  • Choose a campsite with good amenities close by. By doing this you can walk or bicycle around the area helping reduce your fuel costs and lessen your carbon impact.

5. Leave Your Site Better Than You Found It

Make sure you leave your site clean and well-maintained for the next person. Remove all of your rubbish, clean up your fire pit, and make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Parks Victoria

So, there you have it! Different responsible options for you to consider on your next caravanning/camping adventure.

Originally written by Bianca Ziegenfuss

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