Camping Trips Provide a Sense of Calm Amid Chaos

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Feel the need to escape and go exploring? You’re certainly not alone.

You deserve to once again feel a sense of freedom, to be with loved ones and cherish that which is most important – time and space. The turbulent times which have hijacked our lives, workplace, routine and families have resulted in many of us now feeling as though we just need a break, and we are lucky enough to once again be able to do just that. Reconnect and rejuvenate by taking a camping trip with friends or family.

The cool breeze lifts the leaves in the trees surrounding both you and the riverbank, the campfire crackles and gently shifts the smell of smoke away, you can hear children in the distance laughing and birds signing. You watch the water flow past with ripples forming where fish bite at insects on the surface. You take another sip of your hot cuppa, freshly brewed, and turn over a new page.

There is something to be said for the sense of calm created on a camping trip. A while back we conducted some research and that found evidence speaking to that very sentiment – camping is good for your mental health. Campers are happier, more optimistic, more environmentally conscious, and closer to their loved ones than those who do not camp. It is also believed to significantly relieve stress and make people feel less lonely.

Cast your mind back to your own childhood adventure, that feeling of anticipation and excitement, the way you instantly made friends and happily played for hours discovering shells and rocks, learning about how each have had their own influence from the elements. The curiosity and wonder occupying hours, letting imagination run its own genuine course.

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There are also incredible benefits for children, with the research finding that camping trips teach children many life skills and allows them to build a strong relationship with their family as well as how to engage socially. It is also shown to be a great leveller, with people feeling that camping trips allow them to connect with people from different backgrounds, be that status, geography or culture. This is as a result of people being connected by their common sense of adventure and love of the great outdoors.

Camping helps us find a new kind of richness – connection with nature, quality time with loved ones, the space to practice self-reflection and compassion, to feel the kindness in country towns and campsites across the country. A real richness.

Look after your mental health and wellbeing by booking your next caravan or camping adventure.

COVID Camping – Even though we could not travel, camping in our backyards provided these happiness and stress reduction in this very difficult time. Now that we can go camping again, get going!

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