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Spotting Dolphins in Huskisson

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Explore with the Tullipan family while they complete their next leg on the Follow the Sun Relay. Here they explore Huskisson.

Visiting Huskisson

We left tranquil Kangaroo Valley behind and headed South to Huskisson. We stayed 2 nights/3 days at Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach on our leg of the Follow the Sun Relay. The park is located on the South Coast of NSW between Nowra and Ulladulla, which is about a 2 ½ hour drive from Sydney. It is a great destination for the whole family providing fun and relaxation.

The park was fully booked when we were there and it wasn’t even school holidays. Now that speaks volume. This park is very popular and we can tell you why from our experience there.

They accommodate for every type of traveller. There are 54 cabins to choose from and these cabins range from beachfront cabins, studio cabins and family suites with views across the pristine Jervis Bay. Additionally, they have powered grassed camping sites and 36 ensuite camping sites. Some of the cabins even have their very own private sandpit attached to the front with toys in there for the kids to play with, giving Mum or Dad peace of mind that the kids are extremely close by.

We could completely relax and lay by the pool and watch our children play. Every morning and afternoon Rainbow Lorikeets would fly in for a visit and land on the kids arms and heads. Then there were the countless resident bunny rabbits that roamed around the park. They are just so adorable, some no bigger than our six year old son’s foot, darting all over the place.

As usual we embraced our fellow campers. One of our favourite things about staying at caravan parks is sharing stories with fellow travellers, from what’s the best beaches right down to the best cafés. They can be such a valuable source of information. We were told about Fudge Addiction, a fudge shop in the main street of Huskisson, Owen Street. We purchased an ice cream each and also some of their home made Rocky Road. OMG that fluffy soft homemade marshmallow and jelly will be remembered for a long time and thank goodness we are able to order it online so we can enjoy it from our home on the Gold Coast! (Sorry, I should have taken a photo but we gobbled it up so fast!)


We took a popular local tour with Dolphin Watch Cruises. Brie and John were so professional and passionate about their local area. Even though there are over 100 resident dolphins that live permanently in Jervis Bay, we have to admit, they are still wild animals and we were a tad worried that we may not see them. But, alas, they were there! Bottlenose dolphins just seem to be one of everyone’s favourite mammals aren’t they? There’s something about them that is fascinating to us humans.

It wasn’t just dolphins we saw on the cruise, (we did see a penguin zipping around in the water but boy did one have to be quick with the camera to snap that one!) we also saw magnificent, majestic, sandstone cliffs that rose dramatically from the ocean and, many mysterious rugged sea caves. The sheer size and scale of the cliffs took one’s breath away. We were in awe of them, they were tremendous. It was certainly a part of the cruise that took us by surprise.

We were onboard the Eco-Extreme which was one of Dolphin Watch Cruises award winning ecotourism vessels, but they also have a triple deck catamaran with 5 separate viewing platforms, making it Jervis Bay’s largest cruise vessel. They operate 365 days a year! John, the Captain even allowed both of our kids to have a turn at the wheel of the vessel.

After the cruise we took our Motorhome whom we’ve aptly named ‘Winnie”, and made the ‘must do’ stops at Hyams Beach, Greenpatch, Cave Beach and Murrays Beach. Kangaroos were in abundance at all except at Hyams. The kids had fun exploring numerous rock pools and saw schools of small fish darting about in the water. Jervis Bay really is unique and has the clearest waters and whitest sands in our country.

It’s always bittersweet when it’s time to leave a park and this one was no exception. We ended up sharing a wine and exchanging phone numbers with some travellers and added each other to our respective Facebook and Instagram pages, as you do. So as much as it is sad to say goodbye, we also leave looking forward to what awaits us at our next stop, where we are heading further South through Ulladulla to Narooma.

-The Tullipan Family

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