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Reasons to go Caravanning with Kids

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With the warmer months approaching and the final term of the school year well and truly underway, many Aussie families are beginning to plan their Christmas holidays and summer getaways. If your family is in need of some time away to reconnect and explore our beautiful country, why not consider caravanning with kids?

Why Go Caravanning with Kids?

Adele Dyson says caravanning changed her life and family forever. Here, she gives us five of her top reasons to go caravanning with kids:

Choose your own adventure – at your own pace!

With a caravan you really can set your own adventure! Forget being on a schedule or locked into a routine, the pleasure itself is in the journey. Whether you want to plan a quick weekend getaway or an epic road trip, only a caravan holiday allows you the complete freedom to travel at your leisure. The family will delight in the ease of the experience and it is refreshing to holiday at a speed that suits your own needs and travelling style.

A caravan holiday builds confident and resilient children

As many of us lament the loss of the ‘traditional Australian childhood’ a caravan holiday allows our children to break the modern shackles of over-parenting and feel the wind in their hair – much like many of us did as kids! With practical learnings, hands on experiences and the absence of 5 star luxuries your children will thrive in the simplicity of this style of travel. A caravan holiday also lends itself to including the children in planning, setting up, management and organisation so it’s not just a holiday but a chance to build confidence and responsibility with designated age-appropriate tasks.

It’s a chance to reconnect with one another

A caravan holiday is the ideal place to reconnect as a family. Life is busy and we can find ourselves missing the quality time we need to feel safe and secure in our family unit. A caravan holiday provides the opportunity for a family to regroup in a simple, relaxed way and to celebrate the joy of being together once again. There’s no kids club and no parents retreat but the close quarters of a caravan holiday can be a genuine blessing if you embrace the opportunity! With your traveling home ‘base’ and all that Australia has to offer – a caravan holiday makes family bonding easy.

Modern caravans are actually pretty flash

If you still aren’t convinced that a caravan holiday is for you because of the ‘roughing it’ factor let us dispel this myth right away! Modern caravans are well-equipped with toilets, showers, microwaves and queen beds. Rented caravans from reputable hire companies are clean and fresh and in many cases far better appointed than your average motel room! Don’t forget the added bonus that with a caravan holiday your luggage moves with you, there’s no packing and unpacking every time you change locations – a contemporary caravan is truly a mini home on wheels!

Location, Location, Location

Australia is filled with destinations that will make your heart melt. Find a natursl playground that your children will dive in and enjoy every second. From climbing and hiking through gorges, to exploring waterfalls, to embracing our rich history, to seeing wonders that will blow their minds. Whether it be a beach or coastal holiday, a trek through the outback or a wonder through a rainforest – a caravanning holiday has it ALL.

-Words and picture contributed by Adele Dyson

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