Real Life Classroom Tasmania visits MONA

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The Real Life Classroom could not miss out on a cultural and creative afternoon at MONA! Read on to see the kids enjoying this unique museum.

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art

MONA stands for the Museum of Old and New Art and is situated in the grounds of the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart, Tasmania.

We learned that Mona is Australia’s largest privately owned museum. That’s pretty impressive! What is also pretty darn spectacular is the grounds and the architecture. Mona is a truly inspirational place. It really set the tone for today’s Real Life Classroom adventure.

We are a pretty creative family; coming from artistic, musical (and dare I say … dramatic) backgrounds! Our boys have inherited those genes. They enjoyed adopting the free-spirited mood that Mona encourages, and felt so inspired by the collections that surrounded them. There are so many different installations and spaces to explore around the epic grounds, and it was so interesting watching the boys react to the different artworks. Their interpretations were sometimes random, always entertaining and quite insightful.

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Classroom Assignment

The task set for this afternoon’s adventure at Mona was for our family to create, make, explore and perform as many artworks as we could envisage. Inspired by the artworks and installations surrounding us in the outdoor spaces, we photographed these fun compositions for you. Mona provides the perfect environment for creativity and expression. We all had an absolute ball interacting with, and creating within, the surroundings. The boys felt free and at home at Mona; their creativity was unleashed!!! At a magical place like Mona, anything goes!

We left at the end of the day feeling exhilarated and happy! Our kiddos felt so proud of themselves and their creations.

Note to parents – some artworks on display are of an adult nature so discuss this with the staff on entry if you are concerned.

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