Real Life Classroom Tasmania Heads to Mt Field

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Join Jules and his family from Travelling Family Circus, ambassadors of the Real Life Classroom. They are sharing their adventures as they travel through Tasmania. In this episode, they head to Mt Field.

Mount Field Introduction

When I hear someone mention “Tasmania”; lush green rain forests immediately come to mind. Tasmania has many cool temperate rainforests full of the most magestic waterfalls and vivid green moss, but which one do you go to? I’d love to hear your suggestions for our next visit to Tazzy, but this time round we decided on a visit to Tassie’s first official National park – Mt Field. I’m so glad we did because Mt Field is stunning. What a spectacular example of a rainforest that thrives in cool wet climates.

This Real Life Classroom destination was the perfect setting for learning, exploring, adventure and creativity. We follow the Australian Curriculum for Primary School kids and love to choose experiences that support all the key learning areas, so I organised 3 concepts for the kiddos to learn about during our visit to Mt Field.

  1. Structure of a rainforest
  2. Links between the non- living and living things in a rain forest.
  3. Adaptations of plants to their environment

Kids learn just by immersing themselves in environments and exploring, but there are a few concepts that you might find interesting to point out to your littles in order to make the experience very worth while. The Mt Field National park go “all out” to provide the best learning experience for us all, so make sure you stop in at the visitor’s centre and chat to the very helpful staff there. They will give you a map and explain all the “must sees”.

The Curiocity Room is a real winner at the info centre so be sure to stop in and explore the specimens, samples and interesting information on display. They also have an amazing visual presentation on screen for the family to watch. The favourite feature in this room, for our kids, was a toss up between the Tawny frog mouth and the little micro bat dioramas.

We gave each of our kids a map so they could learn how to identify where they are, and where they were headed. We got them to identify some points of interest / special land marks that they may like to see along the way. If your kids are like ours where locating their shoes is an ordeal, this exercise is for your family! It’s so funny to see where they THINK they are and where they ASSUME they should be headed. If it were totally up to the kids, we would have wound up back in the car park for sure. This alone was testimony to the fact that map skills are an essential part of a kid’s education. We didn’t get totally lost and end up on the nightly news, so it’s all good! Plus the beautiful pram and wheelchair friendly path with clear signage certainly helped.

Mt Field has plenty of room to park your R.V. or caravan for the day. Don’t forget to get a National Parks Pass and leave it on your dash board. There is a cafe and a number of picnic / play ground areas to have lunch. Due to our sheer excitement at being able to travel in an Apollo R.V. we made use of the convienence of having our kitchen with us and prepared our own lunch! It was so good to be able to prepare meals and snacks for ourselves before heading out on our adventure.

Be sure to catch the next blog where we explore Mt Field National Park rainforest and the kids make discoveries galore! It is such an amazing sensory experience for kids to immerse themselves in when visiting a rain forest. From the green earthy smells of the humous, to the fluffy textures of the moss, our kids were totally engaged in the experience.

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you on our next adventure!

What’s Next?

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