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Huskisson to Narooma – Tullipan Family

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Explore with the Tullipan family while they complete their next leg on the Follow the Sun Relay. This post is about their trip from Huskisson to Narooma.


After leaving Huskisson on our way to Narooma, we made a stop at Kings Point Retreat Ulladulla. They had 2 waterslides, 4 spas, 2 resort style swimming pools, 2 kids play areas (1 of them is an absolute monster of a play area), and much more. Surrounded by native bushland, this is a great family friendly park and nothing was too much trouble for the staff. All the amenities were impeccable, it is a destination that we will return too.


Then we went on to Narooma. Where do we start? Wow, WOW, WOW!!!

It really is a place that has it all. We were only there for 2 nights/3days and it truly wasn’t anywhere near enough. The natural beauty, beaches, waterways and the wildlife – it’s all there. What more can one want in a small town? This town is a photographer’s dream.

We stayed at BIG4 Narooma Easts Holiday Park which, with it’s majestic pines, sits at the water’s edge of Wagonga Inlet, a perfect location and so far the only park we have stayed at on our leg of the Follow the Sun Relay that is within walking distance of bakeries and cafes.

First I’ll start with Australia Rock, located at the bar crossing. Some say that it was accidental and was created many years ago when a ship was tied to the rock with large chains to prevent it from washing away. The chains wore the shape into the rock during rough seas and it has been known as Australia Rock ever since. Others say it was a freak of nature carved by the sea from volcanic activity hundreds of millions of years ago. This debate will probably continue forever with the locals, but either way, it sure is a stunning formation and well worth the visit.

To the south of the Australia Rock, about a kilometre down the road is Glasshouse Rocks, dating between 510 and 440 million years old. I expect that they could be the most photographed rocks along our South East coastline. This is one view we never tired of.

Next, the Mill Bay Boardwalk – An incredibly popular 850 metre long boardwalk that is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all levels of walkers. Ben and his prosthetic legs had no trouble at all walking this well maintained public walk. The amount of sea life that one can see on this boardwalk is amazing. It’s like a life size aquarium. Stingrays, seahorses, many species of fish and of course seals.

Speaking of seals, WOW! We saw seals at three different locations in Narooma. At the bar where they were basking on the rock wall, at the end of Mill Bay Boardwalk while they awaited the fisherman coming back with their catch and then frolicking under the bridge on the way into town. We just couldn’t get enough of watching these resident seal’s antics. We were captivated by such playful creatures and ending up spending a lot of time watching their antics, they were truly a delight to watch.

When it was time to leave Narooma, we headed north and made a stop in the town of Bodalla at the Bodalla Dairy Shed. This little gem of a place is a must see! They sell home made cheeses and ice cream. When we walked in and saw that they had an ice cream flavour called ‘Let’s go Camping’, we just knew we had to try that one! Their ice cream is churned daily onsite and is handmade from Bodalla Dairy Living Milk, which won a Gold Award at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show 2018. Kids can also bottle feed the calves everyday at 10am and 4pm.

Now, for the cheese. They have hard cheese, soft cheese, crumbly cheese…. cheese, cheese galore! The owner Sandra, took us on a tour of the factory as they were in the process of making cheese. We did look a tad funny in our hairnets and shoe nets but it was very interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. You can also view the cheese making process from huge glass windows looking into the factory.

You know what is great about visiting a Cheese Factory in a motorhome? We didn’t need to take an esky with us. We were able to put our purchases straight into our fridge! This was one stop that tantilised our tastebuds.

And now we are loaded up with cheese and heading to the Nation’s Capital, CANBERRA!

What’s Next?

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