Glen Helen, Ormiston Gorge, and Standley Chasm

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Real Life Classroom participants Gemma and Lindsey continue their trip through The Red Centre, with a stop in Glen Helen, Ormiston Gorge, and a tour through Standley Chasm.

Day 11

This morning we all had eggs for breakfast and then Gemma and I played with our new friend. Using our inflatable rings, we went swimming in the Glen Helen Waterhole and Gorge.

It was refreshing and slightly cold, as to be expected, however, it was fun to swim and play games. After that, we went to have lunch, I had a chicken wrap and then we went to Ormiston Gorge again.

We went swimming and it was cold again, however, I finally got fully in when Gemma fell off the ring and I had to swim out and get it! Mum and Dad thought it was hilarious, however it was cold to me. We stayed for dinner where we cooked sausages on the barbecue, and then headed back down to the water where we skimmed rocks and invented a rock guessing game.

Later when we returned, I went stargazing with my Dad and I learnt the constellation Scorpio. I can’t wait to learn more constellations during our trip and today we travelled 22.6 kilometres in total.

Day 12

This morning we all had cereal and eggs for breakfast and then we went drone flying and rock hopping!  Later we drove to Tyler’s Pass Lookout, where we saw the amazing view of the surrounding land and learnt the Aboriginal Dreamtime story about the baby dropped from the dancing ladies in the Milky Way.  After having lunch, we kept on driving to Standley Chasm via Hermannsburg where we saw Albert Namatjira’s house and the landscape that gave him inspiration to create artworks.

Once we arrived at Standley Chasm we checked in and got given our information about what we can do and find here.

I went with my Dad on a 30 minute return walk to the Chasm and we took many pictures of the landscape.

After that we cooked and ate dinner, had showers and washed our clothes. Tomorrow we will be staying here again and today we travelled 211.2 kilometres!

Day 13

Today we started with a free guided walk to Standley Chasm with our tour guide Kevin. Kevin told us many new things about how the Aboriginals found water and food and how different animals and plants play different roles in the ecosystem. My favourite part was learning how to hear water underground through the tree trunks, it was amazing.

I also learnt about the cycads and how they have been around for 65,000 years, the time of the megafauna, the different bush tucker, bush tomatoes, bananas, witchety grubs and lemon grass. Another thing that I learnt was that the word werte means welcome or hello in one of the Aboriginal languages.

After the tour we arrived at Standley Chasm at noon where we saw the sun touching the base of the Chasm. For the rest of the afternoon we wrote our journals and had an ice cream, after doing the lookout walk to the top of one of the hills, it was worth it.

Later that night, we had a barbecue for dinner with some of the other campers, then going stargazing where we could see the Milky Way. It was beautiful.

Day 14

This morning I gave some of the other campers a free guided tour because Kevin only does his tours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It was really awesome getting to show everyone what I had learnt the previous day and the satisfaction of seeing them amazed and knowing more than before.

After the walk we had an ice cream, packing up ready for Alice Springs. When we arrived we finally got to meet Eagle and Lila, the other two junior explorers and then we went swimming with them at the BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park.

Later that evening we played UNO and had honey terriyaki chicken, followed by a movie. Tomorrow we are going to have a meeting with some people to find out what we will be doing for the rest of the week.  All I know is that I think we are going camel riding!


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