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Gemma and Lindsey Continue Their Educational Adventure

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Real Life Classroom participants Gemma and Lindsey continue through the NT on their educational adventure.

Day 6

Today we set off from Gemtree with our motorhome to Karlu Karlu (Devils Marbles) where I am writing this journal right now.

On our journey we passed different historical markers, such as the Ryan Well Historical Reserve, Ian Dahlenburg Memorial and the John McDouall Stuart and William Kekwick Memorial. The Ryan Well historical reserve was created to commemorate the hand dug wells along the telegraph line linking Adelaide to Darwin. The Ian Dahlenburg Memorial was created to commemorate his life’s work of creating the table grape industry and finally, the John McDouall Stuart and William Kekwick Memorial was made to remember explorations completed by the two men, especially their naming of the Central Mount Stuart. We also met a Japanese man named Yoshi, who is travelling on bike from Cairns to Maryborough via Mount Isa, Alice Springs and Melbourne.

He told us that he usually travels 60 to 80 km each day and that it will take him an approximate three months to travel the distance. When we arrived at Wycliffe Well, we went sight seeing to look at all the aliens and UFOs, as well as an Elvis looking statue. We continued on to Karlu Karlu where we hiked to the Nyanjiki lookout and completed the Mayijangu walk. I then played with Gemma and a new friend as we played soccer, tiggy and with a small footy ball. Tomorrow we are leaving for Tennant Creek for one night and then coming back down again for Ti Tree.

Day 7

We started this morning by watching the sunrise and then with a 4 kilometre hike, called the Nurrku Walk (Pronounced Noor – Koo) in and around Karlu Karlu.

Then when we arrived at Tennant Creek, we went to the Battery Hill Mining and Visitor Centre. We looked through the three museums, Freedom, Fortitude and Flies and the two museums located in The Old Workshop. Freedom, Fortitude and Flies was about the daily life of the gold diggers and some of the significant events that happened in the area and at the time. 

One of the exhibitions in The Old Workshop was about the different gemstones, rocks and what type of people study the stones and how it has changed over time. The other exhibition was about Albert Borella, who was a gold miner and wanted to join up for war. The exhibition was about his journey to Darwin so that he could join the army and what he achieved throughout his life.

Finally, we did a mine tour, where our guide Brian showed us what it would have been like to be a miner and the different roles people played in the mining area. He told us why they worked in certain ways and what it was like for him as a miner. After that we drove down to Three Ways where we bought an ice cream and saw the John Flynn memorial, the founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Next we drove to the Old Telegraph Station where we completed a self-guided tour throughout all of the buildings, there was the food storage building, the telegraph office, the blacksmith and butcher building and the living quarters, as well as the cemetery. After that we drove to the Mary Ann Dam, where we saw peacocks and roosters, before coming to the Outback Caravan Park to stay for the night.

Tomorrow we are going to Ti Tree before driving to Glen Helen Lodge.


Follow Gemma and Lindsey along their journey here.

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