Eagle and Lyla’s Final Days in Alice Springs

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The Bradley family finishes up their leg of Real Life Classroom with some exploring around Alice Springs.

MacDonnell Range

Well, what can we say about Parrtjima… it was incredible! The MacDonnell Range, a dry and bushy backdrop in the day, transformed into vibrant colourful expression of art through lights at night. The combination of Indigenous art, music and lights was so powerful in not just telling a story, but feeling a deep spiritual connection. There was artwork everywhere you turned. It was such an informative and inspiring night for us all!

Hearing the guest speakers share about their past, present and future, through their own personal stories was something that caused us to feel deeply moved. One of the biggest things we have all learned from being up here is what a beautiful connection, respect and deep appreciation the indigenous people and their forefathers have for this beautiful land.

The next day we headed off with the film crew, Bebe and the Whites to Standley Chasm, a sacred site for women. Two huge cliff faces nearly meet in the middle creating a gap, and when the sunlight hits at around midday, it brings out an incredible colour within the deep red stone and is such a peaceful place to explore.

After that we followed the crew out to Simpsons Gap. What a setting! We saw a couple of bush wallabies up in the rocks fossicking in the scrub. Eagle got very close and almost got a pat before it hopped away. We followed the track down to find a beautiful settlement of water. The silence in the gap was so calming and drew us in to just be silent and enjoy being in the wonderful moment together.

After doing two more live crossovers, it was time to say goodbye to Bebe and the wonderful studio 10 crew, Robbo, Tim and Luke. After having such an exciting and eventful week with them, it felt strange to head out on our own again. We stocked up the motorhome at Coles again and off we headed to spend our final week exploring Kata Tjuta and Uluru National Park, before heading back to Alice Springs for our final two nights.


No technology can capture the presence and grander of both Kata Tjuta and Uluru. The height and unimaginable depth of these gigantic rocks that have been here for so many centuries just blows our minds. Eagle was eating an apple when a little bird came across to us at Uluru and decided to share the apple with him. The sense of harmony here and peace with the animals make this historic place somewhere you could stay for hours and just be.

After Uluru, we headed up to Kings Canyon and saw an amazing lightening storm over the mountains on the horizon. It was so incredible, we pulled over and got out to watch and explore for a while. Lyla found some tiny praying mantis nymphs in the grass. They were exactly the same colour as the dry grass. The camoflage of the animals in central Australia is just incredible. We’ve often wondered how many animals we have probably missed due to this fact since being up here.

Speaking of wildlife, at night we were outside relaxing in the hammock, when we saw a dingo sneak around the corner and wait for a family to head off to the pool. He then jumped up on their camp table and started licking their tomato sauce bottle an snooping around all their food. Very crafty little guys they are up there, sad to see they have lost some of their natural instincts though but that’s the price we pay at times.

We are now back in Alice Springs and having our final swim in the pool and jump on the inflatables at the BIG4 before flying back to Melbourne tomorrow. We will truly miss the place so much. We feel like we have been so blessed with all that’s been afforded to us these past few weeks. Thanks Bebe, Toby and Maddy from Caravan Industry Association of Australia for all your efforts in facilitating this experience, we as a family are hugely grateful.

And of course to Luke, Tim and Robbo for blending your gifts and talents towards creating these beautifully presented packages for our family and friends to enjoy.

And a huge thank you to the incredible sponsors… none of this would have happened without you. Thank you so much Tourism Central Australia, Apollo, Ted’s Cameras and Caravan Industry Association of Australia for giving us this incredible trip of a lifetime. We will never forget this.

The Bradley Family

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