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One of the places we have always been most excited to see is the Bay of Fires on the north-east coast of Tasmania so we decided to pack up and head in that direction.

Week Nineteen

On the advice of one of the locals we decided on an overnight stop, at the pub we met the infamous beer drinking pig Priscilla.

Not only is there the pub and the pig but the most amazing waterfall we’ve seen so far called St Columbus Falls just a short drive up the road. Word of warning though there are leeches, Colin had one and Evie picked up two so just be sure to check yourselves after you leave.

We had a lovely dinner in the pub and were able camp close by so that was definitely a bonus (for getting back to camp).

Now as you may recall I mentioned we did have some issues with the caravan brakes when we noticed they all failed not far out of derby, luckily Colin (again as the problem solver) disconnected and tested each brake and isolated the issue to the right front brake so we left that one off and kept the other 3 were working.

We made it into St Helens and stumbled across a Jaycar and mechanic next door who was willing to help. Colin pulled off the wheel and discovered that the guy who had previously “fixed” the brakes had placed the electric wiring around the hub which in turn had completed destroyed it. Subsequently Colin checked all the wheels and is confident that he is now an expert on wheel bearings. It’s starting to get comical to us now the amount of issues we’ve had on the trip so far but we absolutely love caravanning and won’t let anything deter us from travelling this wonderful country. Some tips though!!

  1. Know your caravan (and car for that matter) and always have spares of everything
  2. Keep wheel bearings in a container of grease which will pack them as you drive so if needed they are ready to go
  3. Make sure you have a good supply of tools because you never know when you’ll need them
  4. Have a good jack
  5. Be a problem solver check things individually to isolate the cause of the problem

What’s Next?

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