Bradley Family’s Visit to Kakadu

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Yesterday we left Pine Creek and headed to Kakadu National Park! We started out the day making signs for the back window of our motorhome. Make sure to give us a wave if you see us on the road!

We had to get some photos of us at the entrance to Kakadu because Daddy has been talking about this place all week. He can’t wait to explore the wild places up here.

Our first stop was Bukbukluk Lookout. It was an incredible view of the cliff faces and we studied the landscape and learned how to spot a river by the change in colour of the trees. We could even see smoke from a fire in the distance and we later discovered the fire as we drove along the road and it was still burning.

We stopped to explore in a few places where the road crossed the rivers and creeks and explored to see if we could find any wildlife near a spooky riverbank, while of course being croc-wise! We couldn’t see any crocs but maybe they could see us? We did see some wild buffalo crossing the road though.

We booked into Cooinda Lodge for the night and had a swim in the resort pool, then explored the riverbanks just before sunset. There were fish jumping up and out of the water in the middle of the river.

Today we went to the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre. It was fascinating. We learned all about weaving, hunting tools, and how they use every part of an animal for something- nothing goes to waste. We learned about their seasons. The white man only recognises two seasons up here, the wet season and the dry season, whereas the Indigenous people from this area recognise there are six different seasons. We also learned about the impact of the white man. We felt sad learning that this land has been changed so much to accommodate to the tourists and has changed their way of living so much.

It was really cool learning how they made their paints for their artwork. After learning so much about the Aboriginal culture, we went to Burrungkuy and saw some amazing rock paintings, the stories behind them and the sacred sites that the Aboriginals have used for thousands of years.

We climbed up to the Gunwarrdehwarrde lookout; the rock faces looked amazing from up there and you could see for miles in the other direction.

After that we went to a nearby billabong and saw heaps of amazing birds including a huge Jabiru! He was a long way away but he looked like he was as tall as a human! Daddy went exploring around the rock and found some snake skin. We didn’t see any snakes though.

We’ve made it up to Jabiru and are looking forward to exploring some more tomorrow!

Lyla and Eagle

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