Bradley Family at the Alice Springs Desert Park

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Real Life Classroom gets famous! The Bradley Family has been filming for Studio 10 while enjoying some time at the Alice Springs Desert Park.

Filming for Studio 10

Alice Springs has been an absolute highlight for us as a family over the last couple of days!

Of course with the added element of filming footage throughout the day and into the night, as well as waking up each morning and preparing for two live broadcasts across to Studio 10. It has been a long way removed from our regular way of doing things, but it has been so much fun!

The Reptile Centre was just awesome with an incredible variety of geckos, skinks, lizards, venomous snakes, pythons and a good sized saltie. These animals looked very happy, healthy and excited to see us!

The knowledgeable and friendly staff were great to interact with as well. We all learned plenty of new facts and insights that we will be keen to share with people in the future.

The Park

The Alice Springs Desert Park was magnificent. It had an incredible natural backdrop for the open air bird show. We got up close to an impressive Barn Owl and we got to be face-to-face with some very inquisitive dingoes, literally face-to-face!

They had a nocturnal animal space which was very dimly lit for the animals’ sake, but you could still see them all eating, running around and getting on with their busines. It was so fascinating getting a secret viewing of their worlds. When we return to the Red Centre, this place is definitely a must do!

Another of our absolute favourites was the Tinkerbee cultural sandpainting workshop. It was a true privilege to have Kumalie Riley, a local and highly esteemed Arrernte woman with an obvious passion for art and a strong connection to her country, teach and show us how to tell a story through Aboriginal artwork. These paintings will be a treasured memento to bring home.

We really enjoyed the spectacular sunset camel train ride with Pyndan Camel Track. The view towards West MacDonnell Ranges as the sun descended towards the horizon was simply serene. Lyla and Mummy’s camel, Doc, had a serious addiction to towel fibres, and had chewed holes in the camel in front’s blanket so he had to wear a knitted muzzle type thing so he can’t do it anymore! We can tell you first hand that you don’t want your pet to eat material!

Anyway, that was our last few and very busy and exiting days! Thanks for reading… back to you Sarah Harris 😉

‘Til next time,

The Bradley Family

What’s Next?

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