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Ellen and Les make a few final stops on their last leg of the Follow the Sun Relay. Here they post about their visit to Litchfield National Park.

Batchelor Holiday Park

We stayed just outside Litchfield National Park at the Batchelor Holiday Park! A spacious park, full of tall trees that cover the whole place in beautiful cool shade. With plenty of cement slab powered sites (some with an ensuite) unpowered sites with lush green grass, cabins and huge amenities Batchelor Holiday Park is our top pick if you want to explore Litchfield but also stay conveniently close to town.

We checked in with the friendly reception staff late in the afternoon, just in time for the bird feeding! An activity the whole park comes up to witness at around 5.30pm. Across from the seated bird feeding space, is the bright blue pool and mini golf course! Yes, MINI GOLF…in the park! How cool is that!

We parked up our Follow The Sun Winnebago motorhome close to the amenities, and made use of their big washing machines. These will set you back 1x $2 coin and 2x $1 coins. They also have sachets of washing powder available for $1.

Right next to the Butterfly farm, a short walk to the local shops and just outside Litchfield NP, the Batchelor Holiday Park is our top pick to set up camp.

Butterfly Farm

Flowing waterfalls, lush gardens, cute little rabbits, chooks, pigs, turkeys and of course beautiful butterflies are just a few of the unique things you’ll find at the famous Batchelor Butterfly Farm.

Instead of being taken on a guided tour, we grabbed a map and tub of carrots from Chris the owner, to head into the butterfly farm and wander around at our own pace. Mixed with the top end heat and tropical setting, it feels like you’ve just stepped straight into Bali! The whole vibe of this place is relaxed to the max, with sooo many unique, quirky and wild things to see.

After walking through the butterflies enclosure, trying to lure them to land on us… we headed straight for the rabbit hutches. These bunnies are really well fed, and if we had more than one tub of carrots, Ellen would have given them the whole lot!!

One of the loudest attractions is defiantly the pigs! Big mumma sows and gorgeous little piglets running around your feet, mixed with the chooks, ducks and really ‘beautiful’ turkey!!

It’s no wonder why the Batchelor Butterfly Farm is so well known, it’s definitely an experience and 100% a ‘must see’ when you’re in town!

Litchfield National Park

Absolute paradise! We usually travel with a dog and don’t often get to visit national parks, so maybe that is why Litchfield took our breath away…or it’s just the HUGE waterfalls, rock pools and beautiful walks that made us never want to leave!

We already can not wait to come back to Litchfield National Park, and with a selection of caravan parks and accommodation within the boundaries, it’s an easy place to get caught up in.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of walking about getting amongst nature, you will be by the end of your first day here. Being in a motorhome, we couldn’t access the 4WD tracks but we were busy enough making our way through the park on the paved roads anyway!

Our first stop was of course the Magnetic and Cathedral Termite Mounds, with very educational signs all about the termite mounds you’ll see throughout the NT.  A little further down the road, we stopped to check out Florence Falls from the viewing platform and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing the long walks, because we were so intrigued and loving the scenery. This is how we found our favourite swimming spot, Buley Rockhole!

Table Top Swamp was next, a quick little stop along the road to see a huge beautiful swamp full of lush greenery, and it is a bird watches paradise!  Our next stop along the road, is a place you have to remember as a ‘must do’ and it’s Tolmer Falls, the viewing deck is a short, paved walk from the car park…but be careful, the view will take your breath away!  We stood here for about 20-30 minutes just watching the massive waterfall and staring down into the untouched pools below. Swimming, or even walking down to the pools is not permitted as this is where bats roost, and if disturbed it could threaten their species’s survival!

The next place the 2WD road led us, is probably one of the most popular swimming spots. Wangi Falls, pronounced “one guy falls”. Of course swimming is the top thing to do here, but there’s also an information building with a cafe inside and this is where you can book helicopter flights over Litchfield! Over the water there is a viewing platform where you can read all about the little fresh water crocs that call this area home….yep, you could be swimming with some (non threatening) little locals, as well as the salt water crocs that move in during the wet season!!! This then leads to a rainforest walk, that will make you forget you’re even in Australia…unfortunately when we visited it was chock a block with smelly bats and as soon as Ellen got pooped on, we turned back and legged it out of there!!!

The last attraction we stopped at was the Bamboo Creek Tin Mine. It’s a bit of a longer drive and one of the last places on the map, but we were still surprised we were the only people out there! We really encourage you to take your children out here, to walk along the bush paths and see what life was like way way back in the day. The tin mine and buildings still stand, where they were abandoned in the 1950s. Information signs along the path lead you through the process and explain how folks lived in the middle of the bush in such harsh conditions.

If you’re visiting Litchfield, make sure do more than just swim, and walk about the Bamboo Creek Tin Mine.

Next stop, DARWIN!!!!

Ellen and Les

What’s Next?

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