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Camper Trailers

✓ Quick hassle free setup
✓ Wide range of floor plans available
✓ Can sleep from 3 to eight people
✓ Most models include cooktop and fridge

Camper trailers are perfect for families or those new to caravanning. They are lightweight enabling them to be easily towed by a wide range of tow vehicles. Part of the appeal of the Camper Trailers is that they are compact, low in height which means they can be easily stored on your standard garage, shed or carport. Camper Trailers are lightweight and can be easily owed by a wdie range of tow vehicles including a regular sedan. Most Camper Trailers include standard features such as comfortable mattresses, gas cooktops, fridge, a table and seating. There is a wide range of models and floor plans available, designed for use on sealed bitumen, unsealed roads and even beach towing.

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