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Home of the 30 Second Tent which provides campers with a hassle free tent that doesn’t require assembly or disassembly and can be set up by one person, the OzTent ’30second Tent’ is easily erected and packed away, earning OzTent Australia the right to stand along side some of the biggest names in the Australia camping industry.

You can also get a range of RV accessories, camping firniture, awnings and many other accessories from your local OzTent Store.

From kitchen table to International Award Winning tent – The Oztent has been and continues to be another great little Aussie Invention that is now available in the U.K., Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

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When looking around to purchase your new Caravan, Camper or Motorhome make sure you look for the Accreditation Key! The RVMAP Key represents the business's commitment to consistently supply product that adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations. When making your purchase, have confidence in knowing products from these businesses are regularly inspected against this commitment.

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