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We here at Caravans R Us own the brand name and have a very strong grip on how our vans are made, designed, stickered and of course priced.

Our great companionship with the factory, helps us with the building of what we need, when we need and to the quality that we believe our caravans should have.

With using caravans with our families, we find out what doesn’t work, what does and what needs to be changed, so we can make the product better.

Last year was a great year with our Arctic 19’6  en-suite van leading from the front with many of these vans sold.

See our happy customers on our Facebook Page Latitude Rv Caravans.

Or jump on

Latitude Caravan Owners Group

There are plenty of photo’s with happy customers and their vans.

Leading on, we have many new models due and we can’t wait to see what this year brings for our Latitude Rv’s.

“Latitude’s with Attitudes.”

Vehicle Types:

manufacturer key

Make sure your next Recreational Vehicle purchase carries the RVMAP Key.

When looking around to purchase your new Caravan, Camper or Motorhome make sure you look for the Accreditation Key! The RVMAP Key represents the business's commitment to consistently supply product that adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations. When making your purchase, have confidence in knowing products from these businesses are regularly inspected against this commitment.

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