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Horizon Motorhomes (Ballina NSW)

Horizon has consistently set the pace in quality, innovation and ground breaking design for Australian made RV’s.

From humble beginnings 12 years ago in Ballina on the Northern NSW coast, where Horizon were primarily converting buses into motor homes, to four years later commencing conversions on the highly successful Mercedes Benz Sprinter and receiving overwhelming consumer acceptance. The Horizon Wattle quickly became one of Australia’s most applauded motor homes.

And with good reasons…
‘It all starts with good design’. Having experienced many touring holidays with his young family, Clayton Kearney, Horizon’s founder, was determined from day one to design a motor home to give maximum space and fluency. From drawing board to workshop, a multitude of designs were tested, perfected and finally selected to achieve the Wattle conversion. It was an immediate success then and is still a highly desirable, category leading mobile home today.

As Horizon’s business and capabilities have grown, staff have been carefully chosen for their particular abilities. The current staff includes an experienced cabinet maker, shipwright carpenter, post former, auto electrician, finisher and quality control specialist. The staff were also required to have one special qualification, namely a passion for perfection.

Horizon’s customer service has always been second to none. Leading up to delivery, the client’s input is always welcome and if any problem arises after delivery Horizon’s specialists are on the job without delay.

Horizon’s success has not come by chance, it has come from constant research, development, exhausting testing and thinking out of the square – constantly striving to widen horizons.

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