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Austral Tents & Canvas Products

Austral Canvas Products has been manufacturing Australian made products since 1929. Being one of Australia’s major Canvas manufactures and being in business for so long, they have come to know quality and customer satisfaction. Everyone wants the best price when it comes to any product therefore you know when your buying from Austral Canvas you are getting the best factory direct prices.

Their extensive range of canvas products seems to grow every year, from Annexes to Tents and Camper Trailers, there seems to be nothing they cannot do.

You will see that Australian products are made to withstand the punishment and while being a little more expensive, they will save you all the inconvenience and additional costs that are involved when buying imported products.

Vehicle Types:

manufacturer key

Make sure your next Recreational Vehicle purchase carries the RVMAP Key.

When looking around to purchase your new Caravan, Camper or Motorhome make sure you look for the Accreditation Key! The RVMAP Key represents the business's commitment to consistently supply product that adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations. When making your purchase, have confidence in knowing products from these businesses are regularly inspected against this commitment.

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