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Caravan Safety Checklist

Before leaving home, or prior to travelling to your next destination, run through this checklist to help ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

1. Inside your caravan, make sure that:

  • all the cupboards are securely closed
  • the refrigerator door is locked
  • there are no loose items in the caravan

2. Ensure the caravan is correctly coupled to the tow vehicle. Then check your safety chain/s. Two chains are normally fitted. Crisscross the chains and use ā€˜Dā€™ shackles to connect them to the secure points on the towbar.

3. Ensure that the electrical plug between the caravan and tow vehicle is connected. Then, check the brake lights, tail lights, turn indicators, clearance lights and electric brakes (if fitted) to make sure they are working.

4. Before moving off, make sure that:

  • the gas is turned off
  • the door is locked
  • the jockey wheel is removed
  • the levelling jacks are fully wound up
  • the steps are raised

5. Release the caravan handbrake.

6. Finally, walk around the caravan for one last safety check. It can be very embarrassing to drive off with the electrical lead still connected!

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