Tips for Towing


Tips for Towing your Caravan

Towing a Caravan will alter the way the car performs, it will decrease its acceleration and braking ability, and can affect a vehicle’s general control. It’s wise to practice with short trips before you attempt a long journey. To improve your safety and that of fellow road users when towing a caravan:

  • Pay particular attention when accelerating and braking, especially when approaching corners.
  • Leave more distance than usual between yourself and the vehicle in front, and allow plenty of extra time and space if entering traffic
  • Allow more time and distance when overtaking other road users and ensure you are well past them before moving back to the left hand side of the road again.
  • Be careful when driving in poor conditions or in high winds, as their impacts are magnified when towing a caravan.
  • Where possible, pull over regularly to allow following vehicles to overtake.
  • As reversing with a caravan is difficult, where possible drive out forward from a parking spot. When practicing reversing, ensure it is done in a safe environment and have someone to guide you.
  • Ensure load distributing hitches are set up properly and the load in the caravan is correctly distributed, to reduce the chance of the caravan swaying.
  • Swaying is more prone in high winds, particularly side winds, or when passing approaching larger vehicles.
  • Keep left to give overtaking vehicles as much space as possible.
  • Plan plenty of rest stops to avoid the onset of fatigue – but remember if you are fatigued the only cure is sleep. It’s important to remember that falling asleep at the wheel is a very real and deadly consequence of driving when fatigued. If you’re tired, don’t drive.

Order the The National Caravan and Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide courtesy of Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW (CCIA NSW)