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Category: Date: 28 August 2019

For anybody who owns a major asset like a recreational vehicle, being equipped with insurance is a must-do, and there are a lot of things to research when it comes to choosing which policy is right for you.

There is no shortage of options to choose from, so how do you decide which product to purchase and what do you take into consideration?

Certain things like price are obvious, but there are a few other things to look at when comparing policies. To help you get started, the team at Let’s Go Caravan Insurance have come up with a handy list of some of the things to look at when deciding which policy is right for you

  • What does the policy actually cover? This might seem like an obvious point to consider, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t realise what exactly their policy does and doesn’t include! You don’t want to get an unfortunate surprise when you try to make a claim, so make sure you understand what type of damage or circumstances you are covered for.


  • Do you want coverage for any extras or additions? If you have any extras like annexes, it’s best not to assume they will be included. You may need to double check the policy and add these in separately.


  • Location. Different states have different rules and restrictions when it comes to insurance, which will affect your coverage and protection. You should also consider which areas you will be visiting in your recreational vehicle, and if they are prone to certain conditions.


  • Terms and conditions. Another one that might seem obvious, but carefully reading through Product Disclosure Statement is a must-do as it will contain the terms, conditions and exclusions that apply and that you need to be aware of.

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Information is factual and not advice. Let’s Go Caravan Insurance is a business name of NM Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 34 100 633 038 AFSL 227186) who issues the insurance on behalf of the insurer, AIG Australia Limited (ABN 93 004 727 753 AFSL 381686). Always read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing an insurance policy. The Caravan Industry Association of Australian receives a commission of 2.5% in respect of policies issued or renewed following their referral.

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