Does your caravan insurance cover theft or attempted theft of contents?

Category: News, Date: 13 December 2018

Generally speaking, contents include bicycles, clothing and personal belongings, fishing equipment, home appliances, personal computers and their equipment, photographic equipment (including cameras and binoculars), removable carpets, furniture, furnishings and rugs, removable furniture, sports equipment, standard software provided they are in your caravan or annexe when the relevant loss occurs.

Not all insurance policies are alike and when reviewing your insurance policy for theft cover there are points to consider:

  1. What is your automatic or optional sum insured
  2. Are they are sub-limits applied to particular type of contents
  3. What limits or exclusions, if any, might apply to the theft cover (eg. theft where there is no physical evidence of forcible entry)
  4. Does your policy cover contents in the ‘open air’ or annexe
  5. Does your policy provide any coverage for special items such as theft of mobile phones


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