The beautiful beaches of Exmouth and Coral Bay

Category: News, Western Australia, Date: 18 November 2018

Coming from Queensland, we are used to nice beaches and we thought ours were just about the best in the world; but after this trip we’ve realised we have some very real competition with Western Australia!

We had two real days in Exmouth and spent the first doing our kayaking and snorkelling tour (the full recap of the tour is in our previous post), and then on our second day we decided to take a drive out to Turquoise Bay to do some of our own snorkelling!

While we were packing for our trip before leaving home, we made sure to bring our own snorkels and this is something we would definitely recommend. With the reef so close to the beach, it makes it so easy to just simply put your gear on and head out! The water was crystal clear and we again saw plenty of fish, and even a little tiger shark!

While out on the road near Exmouth we also visited the lighthouse, potshot memorial and turtle centre! Each of these is pretty quick to take a look at but they are all worth seeing if you’re out that way, and if we had more time we definitely would have loved to explore Cape Range National Park a bit more.


Back in town we headed to the Ningaloo Centre, which was right next to our accommodation at RAC Exmouth! This centre had a lot of great exhibits and historical information about the town’s military history, marine life and the famous Cyclone Vance.

We then hit the road for the quick 1.5 hour drive to Coral Bay. After covering so many kilometres this trip, an hour and a half feels like nothing! We arrived in Coral Bay and were surprised to find out how small it is- we hadn’t done much research into the area beforehand, but it is basically just one street with a few essential shops, accommodation, and of course a beautiful beach. One thing we realised pretty quickly is that buying groceries in a small area like this can be pretty pricey- so if you’re travelling on a budget, you might want to stock up on food beforehand!

The area itself is lovely- after arriving, we wasted no time in getting set up and then heading down to the beach for another snorkel. This time in amongst all the fish and coral we even saw a shark!

We then spent the afternoon walking along the beach before making dinner and then going out for a nighttime stroll along the jetty.

The next morning we were up bright and early and hit the beach again- this time we hired a kayak and spent two hours kayaking, snorkelling and swimming. This time we saw three turtles, and one of them let us swim along beside them for ages, so that was pretty special.

We grabbed lunch at the local bakery and then hit the road for the two and a half hour drive to Carnarvon- salty, sandy, but very happy!

Jess and Ridge

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