Jumping Pillows

The Idea of Jumping Pillows®originated 25 years ago in Denmark. It is great fun and a healthy way of keeping kids (and even adults) entertained all day long. Jumping Pillows®are being installed all over Europe with more than 5000 happy customers in Scandinavian countries alone. You will also find our distributors of Jumping Pillows®in South Africa, Canada and USA to name a few.

In Australia and New Zealand, Jumping Pillows®have been a huge success especially with resorts and holiday parks. They are also suitable for playgrounds, amusement parks, kindergartens, schools, sport clubs, etc.

You will often find children and adults playing together on the Jumping Pillows® all day long. It is also amazing to see how the kids can stay on the Jumping Pillows® for hours and hours and keep jumping and inventing new games. Amazingly, the bounce from one child (or adult) has very little affect on any other person.

Depending on the size of a Jumping Pillow®, you will often find 10, 20, 30 or even more children jumping their hearts out, all at the same time.

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