Jockey Wheel Buddy

As Aussies, we love the great outdoors … boating, camping, riding, driving … anything to get us out into this beautiful country.
and like many Aussies with recreational boats, horse floats, caravans, car and bike trailers, and workers with their tradie, food, farm and machinery trailers, we always had a problem with the jockey wheel sinking in soft soil, sliding on the uneven ground, or burying deep into the sand making it difficult to re-hitch.

So, we developed the JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY and there’s nothing like it out there. we patented the concept and now we are manufacturing them.

We’re very proud to say every buddy is 100% Australian – quality Australian steel for strength, quality Australian workmanship and hot-dipped galvanizing for longevity and they are guaranteed to last.

So if you’re sick of lugging that great lump of wood, or dirty, heavy paver around, or rummaging through the bins in your van or boat to find the little pad, then take a look at the JOCKEY WHEEL BUDDY.

It’s tough yet lightweight, it’s economical and effective and once it’s fitted, simply forget it. You’ll never leave it behind or have to store muddy blocks ever again.

There are three designs to fit every brand of single jockey wheel
1. the cut-out base is perfect for lightweight trailers or those you wish to manoeuvre
2. heavy duty solid folded bases specifically for the biggest and heaviest trailer, van or boat and
3. a solid base for everything in between.
Retrofitted to new or existing jockey wheels, the buddy suits 6″ (150mm), 8″ (200mm) or 10″ (250mm) jockey wheels.

let jockey wheel buddy take a small part of the stress away and enjoy the great outdoors.

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