Evakool, a brand of eskies and portable iceboxes, are a range of products that was developed by Nexberg Pty Ltd in 1994 in order to assist fishermen in storing their catches. Evakool is now sold nation-wide as well as in some countries internationally.

They sell a large variety of iceboxes, from small 40 litre units products to large 180 litre boxes capable of maintaining ice for at least 15 days due to its superior insulation technology; the boxes are at least 1.7 inches thick and contains a refrigeration foam that is specific to Evakool’s line of products and are also finished a high gloss layer on top which reflects and dissipate . Recently, Evakool has developed a range of 12V and 24V portable fridge freezers that allow the storage of ice for longer than 15 days.

All of the products under the Evakool name employ a very strong and advanced fibreglass technology that allows it to be very durable and resist any breaking and shattering.  All of their products are available in 13 sizes and come with a 5-year national warranty.


Evakool’s products are now used for more than fish storage and other fishing requirements. Due to their products’ varying sizes and capacities they can be used for parties, road trips. On top of selling its extensive range of iceboxes and eskies, Evakool also provides nationwide delivery, repairs and  services to its customers.

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