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Where do dogs sleep when camping?

Category: Inspiration, News, Date: 28 March 2023

We asked campers where their dogs sleep and this is what we learnt.

Based on the answers provided, it seems that dogs sleep in a variety of places when camping, depending on the owner’s preference and the dog’s behavior:

  • Inside the camper van, either on the bed or taking up space in the passage way to the toilet.
  • In the owner’s bed, both at home and while camping.
  • On a triple bunk bed, alongside children.
  • Under the table, either in a travel crate or on their own.
  • Between the pillows on the owner’s bed.
  • Wherever they want, as they are the boss.
  • At the dog minder’s or with the in-laws.
  • In a dog trailer or in the back of the truck in a large cage.
  • On a stretcher outside, guarding the campsite.
  • In an air-conditioned camper van, either under the table or by the door.

It is important to ensure that dogs are comfortable and safe while camping, and that they do not disturb other campers. Owners should also be aware of any camping regulations regarding dogs, such as leash laws and designated dog areas.

Did you know?

People with pets state that the number one factor they look for when planning a holiday is, is the caravan park / accommodation pet friendly. In the last 12 months 21% of people camping enjoyed camping with their dog.

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