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Stunning Sunrise and Sunset Moments from Campers Across Australia

Category: News, Date: 25 August 2023

Where do you find the best sunsets in Australia? Tell us in the comments!

Get ready to be blown away by the raw, unfiltered beauty of Australia’s sunrises and sunsets!

We asked, and you delivered‚ÄĒour vibrant Facebook community shared their most awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset encounters from the great outdoors.

The result?

A jaw-dropping photo gallery that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

From the rugged terrains to the tranquil coastlines, these pictures capture the true essence of life on the road.

Join us as we go through some of the best snaps taken from real-life everyday campers.

Check them out here:

Kathryn M: Cape Hillsborough near Mackay

Cheryl G: Albany WA sunrise mid 2022. Beautiful.

Off The Trax: Sunrise from Frenchman Peak in Cape Le Grand NP (WA) was definitely up there ūüôĆ

Helen M: Injune, Queensland. One of so many on our travels.

Darren D: Jarvis Bay

Phil W: Port Victoria, S.A

Robyn W: My favourite is sunset at the Myall Lakes, NSW

Sheryl-Lee B: Mundi Mundi, NSW

Ian D: Etty Bay Sunrise

Melly F: Kingscliff NSW

Meg W: Warrumbungles National Park

Joy B: Sunrise at Point Douglas near Whyalla SA

Kristy B: The dig tree, Innamincka QLD

Jenny S:

Graeme S: Robe SA



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