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Smart Leave Planning for Australians in 2024

Category: News, Date: 29 January 2024

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Unwind and recharge more effectively in 2024 by smartly planning your annual leave.

In Australia, you can leverage public holidays and weekends to extend your breaks significantly. By thoughtfully scheduling your standard 20 days of annual leave, you can enjoy extended periods off work without dipping into unpaid leave. Let’s explore the best dates to optimise your time off in 2024.

Annual Leave and Public Holidays: As an Australian employee, you typically get four weeks of paid annual leave. To make the most of this, align your leave with public holidays and weekends.

Let us show you how to strategically use your leave to essentially double your time off.

Optimal Leave Dates for 2024:

  1. Christmas 2023 and New Year’s 2024
    • Dates to Book: 27, 28, 29 December.
    • Total Break: 10 days from 23 December 2023 to 1 January 2024.
  2. Australia Day 2024
    • Date to Book: 29 January.
    • Total Break: 4 days from 26 to 29 January.
  3. Easter 2024
    • Dates to Book: 2 to 5 April.
    • Total Break: 10 days from 29 March to 7 April.
  4. ANZAC Day 2024
    • Dates to Book: 22 to 24 April, and 26 April.
    • Total Break: 9 days from 20 to 28 April.
  5. Labour Day 2024
    • Dates to Book: The week around Labour Day.
    • Total Break: 9 days.
  6. King’s Birthday 2024
    • Dates to Book: The week around 10 June.
    • Total Break: 9 days.
  7. Christmas 2024 and New Year’s 2025
    • Dates to Book: 23, 24, 27, 30, and 31 December.
    • Total Break: 12 days from 21 December to 2 January.

Understanding Your Leave Entitlements: In Australia, full-time workers are entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave, with part-time employees receiving a pro-rata amount. This system has been a part of Australian work culture since the early 20th century, highlighting the importance of work-life balance.

The Importance of Taking Leave: Regular breaks are essential to manage stress and prevent burnout, a recognized occupational phenomenon. Taking your annual leave can help maintain your mental health, replenish your energy, and increase job satisfaction.

Your 2024 Annual Leave Plan: By following this plan, you can enjoy substantial downtime. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both, this guide helps you maximise your annual leave for a restful and fulfilling 2024.

Summary of Leave Planning:

  • Christmas/New Year’s: 10 days off with 3 days leave.
  • Australia Day: 4 days off with 1 day leave.
  • Easter: 10 days off with 4 days leave.
  • ANZAC Day: 9 days off with 4 days leave.
  • Labour Day: 9 days off with strategic planning.
  • King’s Birthday: 9 days off with strategic planning.
  • Christmas/New Year’s 2024/25: 12 days off with 5 days leave.

Now, you’re officially set to make the most of your annual leave in 2024, ensuring you return to work refreshed and revitalised.



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