Retail Dealership Accreditation Program (RDAP)

Category: News, Date: 13 November 2023

Committed To Better Consumer Outcomes

Consumers can be more confident when visiting a dealership who has committed to better consumer outcomes through their participation in the Retail Dealership Accreditation Program (RDAP). 

Accredited dealerships who display the ‘Accreditation Key’ have been independently assessed to show they are: 

  • Committed to best business practices; 
  • Adhering to stringent regulatory compliance; 
  • Abiding by a code of conduct for customer liaising, sales and service; 
  • Enacting policies and procedures to ensure professional sales and service conduct; 
  • Employing staff who are registered/licensed appropriately to comply with state regulators; and 
  • Understanding of their Australian Consumer Law obligations. 

Dealerships are required to renew their accreditation annually to ensure they remain current in their understanding of obligations under the accreditation criteria. 

So, when looking to choose a Caravan/RV dealership look for the ‘Key’!! 

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