PHOTO GALLERY: Check out these cute & crazy animal encounters from real-life campers!

Category: News, Date: 17 August 2023

We’ve all had some weird and whacky encounters with animals at one point in our lives- but on a caravan and camping holiday, mother nature tends to make herself more known!

We took to our Facebook page and asked real-life campers what their best animal encounters while on holiday.

Check out our gallery & see what they had to say here:

Ursula’s Ultimate Adventures: Echidna yesterday in Yamba!

Nadine BE: Lemon Shark on Dundee Beach (NT). Completely harmless and returned safely to the water. 🦈

Selina L: Two Dingoes frolicking in the sunset on Frazer Island.

Brett W: Old mate here decided to consume his dinner 6ft from our Gazebo, the day before we had 3 bush turkeys wandering around then after this day there was only 2..

Michelle M: I was camping and I was sitting in my camp chair in a forest NSW when a spotted quoll appeared. I sat still and it walked straight past my legs.
My second one was when hubby and I were at the Undarra Lava Tubes in QLD, sitting by the campfire when a rat like kangaroo came up. We found out it was a quail.

Sue H: Silverton, NSW.

Romy B: This little poser was up at Halls Creek.

Jeannette M: Spotted quoll, South West Tasmania

Keith H: When Skippy came up for a Beer at Cape Hillsborough

Maria W: A bit blurry but this little cassowary was so nice to see at mission beach

Susan F:

If you come across some native wildlife during your travels that look like they could use a hand, check out WIRES here.


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One Response to “PHOTO GALLERY: Check out these cute & crazy animal encounters from real-life campers!”

  1. That sounds like an amazing wildlife encounter! What other interesting or unique wildlife experiences have you or others had while camping or spending time in the great outdoors?

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