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Pet Passport Ep 3 : Travel Preparation

Category: News, Date: 25 March 2022
Dr Tania speaks on travel preparation.

Dr Tania is back with even more tips to help us travel with our furry friends.

In this episode, she discusses ways to prepare your pets for travel and what you can do to ensure a seamless trip.

One of the first tips was checking your accommodations rules in regards to pets and suggests bringing a vaccination passport for your pet, just in case.

Destination is also relevant, says Dr Tania, as various locations are homes to different parasites and tics.

Try calling ahead to vets in the relevant area to see if getting any preventatives will be beneficial for your pooch.

Dr Tania also recommends taking your dog to the vet before travelling just in case they require a vaccination booster and allowing time for the vaccine to set in.

“Allow time for the vaccination booster set in”

One factor many can forget about is heat stress. Travelling to a warmer climate can be stressful for your dog- so make sure to give them a haircut before you go.

Lastly, try bringing a first aid kit. Especially relevant for those travelling rurally- having one on board is a great precaution.

For more information, check out Dr Tania’s video here.

To keep up with episodes, view our site here.

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