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Meet the Second Round of Pedders Winners!

Category: News, Date: 16 November 2023

Unveiling the winners: Lance & his wife Brenda

Lance Noonan, the lucky winner of Pedders’ second promotion, couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared his plans for the prize.

After embarking on a 13,500-kilometer road trip to Western Australia last year, Lance realised that his vehicle could use a suspension upgrade.

With the prize from Pedders, he eagerly expressed his desire to “upgrade the lift kit to better components,” which would improve both the performance and comfort of his vehicle.

As an avid camper and 4WD enthusiast, Lance frequently explores with his camper trailer and reliable Hilux.

He’s thrilled about the upcoming modifications and even shared some of his favourite camping spots, including Geehi, which is about 1 1/2 hours from his home, and Lucky Bay in WA, which is his favourite beach spot.

Lance & his wife, Brenda

Looking ahead to June of next year, Lance has big plans for a celebratory journey to Streaky Bay, which is located halfway between Tintaldra and Perth.

This trip is extra special as it coincides with both his 70th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary to his wife Brenda.

With friends and relatives from the West joining in on the festivities, Lance anticipates the occasion to be filled with joy and exploration.

He even mentioned, “Needless to say, there will be some more exploring on that trip.” Lance expressed his gratitude to Pedders and the promotion for making this extraordinary prize possible.

Lance’s enthusiasm and appreciation reflect the excitement that comes with the prospect of enhanced adventures, thanks to Pedders’ generous contribution.


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